Sunday, March 15, 2009

Let me offer you these pair of scissors.

A man walks shaken, down the land
Barren the desert, he must now stand
Ripped and tattered, his clothes no use
Humanity never caused so much abuse
His memory gone, light much the same
Was he lost? Was he playing some game?
Land torn asunder, broken, scarred
Perfection seemed gained, but now been marred
Subdued by fate, cut down from their clans
But before the male, a lone wolf stands
Such terror gleamed, through the animals eyes
Why afraid of an injured man, circled by flies?
The man stood dead still, confused by his 'foe'
Did the wolf think the same? Maybe not so
He became less tense, turned and walked
It seemed he had nodded, and the man had not balked
He had begun to think that he had become insane
He might've been right, for his mind seemed inane
The wolf let him draw nearer and nearer to him
Though the man still walked slow, the land to him seemed grim
The two ventured on, through the blackened red sky
The man became scared, armageddon seemed nigh
Though how little he knew, the wolf seemed to laugh
Instantly he stopped, on the man's behalf
They had reached the top, of what seemed a great cliff
Though below them what was seen, made the man fall stiff
Such Hellish sights, they set their eyes on
Where once stood a city, it had now obviously gone
The wolf just gazed on, with a look of extreme malice
Though he did not blame the man, for he was surely not callous
The horizon was now ranging from dark to light red
Cutting across the sky, this great horror caused dread
"One day the earth will shake. So it was told, so it was done."
The wolf said quietly, gazing toward what had begun
The man responded in shock, "What has gone on? Where could we be?"
"Do you desire to know?" The wolf answered his plea
With one last look, the desolation sank in
The man was traumatized, the world seeming to spin
Out of his mind, he man fell to the ground
Writhing, struggling, and screaming all around
He cried out for help, but heard no reply
But yelling and hatred; all had gone awry
Scenes of death and despair ran through his head
He couldn't escape it, he wished he were dead
With one final scream, he sprawlled out on the ground
What was going on? It had dissapeared (The sound)
Except for one small panting noise, above his being
There was the wolf, a small pair of scissors gleaming
He implored them to be taken, but the man seemed scared
The wolf was determined, the moment would not be sparred
The man reached up, grabbing the tools
They seemed weightless, denying nature's rules
"If you do not want that hellish future, if you want to fix it.
Delve the scissors into your mind, severe that infernal wicked."

Monday, March 2, 2009

Connecting the subconcious with theories of a multiverse.

Hello. I am here for many reasons, but the main of which is because my inability to express many thoughts I have was beginning to annoy me =D. Bascially, I am a twenty year old living somewhere, in some point in time. A few of you know who I actually am, sure, but most of you will probably be left in the dark. Welcome to insanity. At least make sure you keep an open mind, and THINK a little. Kay?

First post...the title may sound confusing, but it's a hypothesis I have developed recently based on something a friend and I have been discussing. There is a video on youtube that you may want to watch before you read this. (yes, it has two parts, watch them preferably. I'll explain things in short for you if you don't want to watch it though.)

First, let's disect the idea that "All possibilities are contained within the tenth dimension." By the time we are at this point in the video it is suggested that at the tenth dimension all infinite possibilities of the differerent (possibly infitinely existing) universes are contained within it. Let me start by explaining what this means, by starting with the fourth dimension (in case you DIDN'T watch the video.). The fourth dimension is time. It is infinite, but time (think of it now as more of a time LINE, containing history and future) is completely determined by the actions of every living and non-living thing in the entire universe. Today, you may have went to school, but in another parallel (and this is hypothetical of course.) you may have NOT. This could be the ONLY difference in the universe that existed (though I doubt it'd be the ONLY one.) and this action is a branch off of your TRUE fourth dimensional line. Our true fourth dimension joins the beginning of OUR universe, to the ending of OUR universe (which is also treated in the video as infinity.) The fifth dimension contains a multitude (for all purposes listed as an infinite number of possibilities) of possible choices for each and every person. The seventh dimension contains ALL possible timelines that could have occured from our bing bang start of the universe.

This brings a concept that I am going to refer to as "stacking infinities." Our universe contains an infinity (combining the first four dimensions). The seventh dimension contains an infinity considering EVERY possible outcome from the very beginning of our iniverse. The tenth dimension contains the last plausible infinity where multiple universes and their multiple timelines are contained within it. Stacking infinities means that the tenth dimension (which is infinity) containes the seventh dimension (which is also an infinity) which contains the first four dimensions we know (which is also an infinity, since time and space do NOT have an ending).
Alrighty. Hopefully I have mad sense and you have kept up so far. Now, this tenth dimension suggests that there is not just a universe, but rather a "multiverse." Now, by the theory that each dimension is sort of housed within the above, presents the possibility that all of these dimensions are connected. This is complicated. Especially since a lot of the theorists suggest that the dimensions beyond 4 are so 'small' that we do not detect them. Well here's where my possibly outlandish question comes in...

Is there any possible way that our brains or conciousness could be connected to these other universes? Have you ever had any sort of dream that makes absolutely NO sense? Ever had a dream that was excrutiatingly close to your currrent life, with maybe some small difference? Why do some mental issues cause people to hallucinate? Could these all be 'visions' of another parallel universe(s)?

Just something to think about. =D haha I know I led up to a question that could've just been asked without all the background info. But it's something i've been thinking about recently.